Student Support Services (SSS) Program

The Student Support Services (SSS) Scholars Academy

The Student Support Services (SSS) Scholars Academy is designed to empower students who are low-income and 1st generation and help them achieve academic excellence. The SSS Scholars Academy assists students in identifying their academic short-term and long-term goals, and supports their effort. Students accepted into the SSS Scholars Academy receive proactive academic support services geared towards giving them the tools to succeed at UC Berkeley and beyond. The emphasis is on individual academic assessment, advising, counseling, and academic and personal skill-building. The SSS Scholars Academy is a part of the Academic Achievement Programs (AAP). Within SSS, a smaller cohort of first and second year undergraduates receive Pell grants to offset their student loans.


SSS serves low-income and first-generation college students (students who do not have a parent who has graduated from a four year university of college) and whose income falls within U.S. Department of Education guidelines. Click here for U.S. Department of Education guidelines. SSS is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, and is overseen by UC Berkeley's Vice Chancellor of Equity and Inclusion, Gibor Basri, Ph.D.

Program Benefits

  1. Assessment of academic need
  2. Scholarship opportunities
  3. Scholarship searches
  4. Course planning assistance
  5. Academic advising and personal counseling
  6. Introduction to undergraduate research programs, internships, and study abroad programs
  7. Help in selecting and applying for graduate or professional schools
  8. Networking opportunities with faculty, staff, and representatives from undergraduate research, graduate, and professional school programs
  9. Student professional development series
  10. Individual general, pre-graduate, and career advising
  11. Credit bearing AAP courses
  12. Leadership and community service opportunities
  13. Individual and group tutoring
  14. Mentoring from faculty and advanced SSS Scholars.
  15. Attendance at cultural events and performances
  16. Use of a computer lab and limited printing services
  17. Student Lounge


The Joint Miller/SSS Application Is Now Closed.

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The UC Berkeley Student Support Services Program is funded by the US Department of Education as part of the Federal TRIO program, and is overseen on the Berkeley campus by the Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion, Gibor Basri, Ph.D.